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Yardey Kids Academy is a equal  opportunity employer. Admissions , the provisions of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, disability, ancestry, national origin, age or sex.

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The Academy prides itself on being a family oriented center.  We aim to create strong relationships with our existing families, as well as, reach out to other families in the community.  Over the years, we have had referrals from many of our families, and view this as the ultimate compliment.  Your trust and confidence in Yardley kids Academy is the very foundation of what we strive to achieve.We have started a referral program as a way to say thank you for recommending The Academy to a friend or family in the community.


Here’s how the program works:


1.Tell someone about Yardley Kids Academy, encourage them to visit our website  and tour our center.


2.Complete this form and turn it into The Academy office.  Once your referral family enrolls and stays at The Academy for at least 30 days, you move onto step three.


3.Your family will receive tuition credits based on the number of families you refer.  Please remember the new family must stay for 30 days to receive the following credits:

                                                 •Refer 1 Family and receive $200.00 tuition credit.

                                                 •Refer 2 Families and receive $300.00 tuition credit.

                                                 •Refer 3 or more Families and receive $500.00 tuition credit.

There is no limit on the number of referrals for your family.  Your family will receive a statement showing the tuition credit once your referred family completes 30 days of enrollment.


Referral Form

Please Submit This Form to The Academy Office!

Your Family’s Name:

New Family’s Name:


Date of Referral:


Office Use Only:

New Child’s Name(s) ______________________________________

Start Date_____________________Referral     (1)   (2)    (3+)

Academy Authorization ____________________________________

Date and amount tuition is credited: _________________________