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YKA is committed to assisting families during these uncertain times.  Through family feed back we have developed a program that would help keep the children on task during the virtual learning piece of their educational program.  

The program would look like this:

Each morning the children would be dropped off via our curbside, no contact method.  They would report to their classroom and check themselves in (wash hands, turn on personal device, gather supplies, and complete a daily checklist of tasks that need to be completed) to start the day.  The class size will be no more than 10-12 students to maximize the social distancing and all children will be required to wear face coverings (with breaks as needed).  The class will be supervised by a certified Elementary Teacher and be personally paced by each student or as directed by his/her district teacher.  At the end of the day, your child will pack up his/her device to get charged overnight.  You will receive communication showing which assignments were completed throughout the day and if your student needed any additional coaching in these areas.  This will help keep our parents informed of their student’s progress.


Each child will be expected to bring in a pencil box with his/her standard school supplies, a personal tablet or Chromebook, and headphones. Along with lunch and snack for the day.  We will set up the day to mirror a regular day for the students as much as possible and offer frequent computer/mask breaks, as well as, time to play on the playground, art activities and include other areas that are typically in a classroom: such as reading time, kid writing and other areas of instruction.


We understand the demands placed on parents and families today and we are here to support our children anyway that we can. Currently, we are offering a 3 or 5 day program.  Contact us for additional Information as space is limited!


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